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How does music affect you?

Posted on 31 December 2018 by Helen Robbins


Exciting research opportunity for adults with TS investigating the effects of music as a tic-reducing therapy, and how it impacts the self-esteem of people living with TS.

It has been known anecdotally for a long time that many people with TS notice a reduction, if not complete stop in their tics when they are engaged with creating or listening to music.

Researchers at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln are looking to investigate this therapurtic relationship further, and are looking for people with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome, 18 years and over to be a research participant in their study.

The aim of the research is to:

  • see if music can be used to reduce tics in individual's with TS
  • to explore how, or to what extent music allows individuals to feel included within society
  • to determine whether participants percieve that music positively or negatively affects them
  • to understand how tics can affect an individual's daily life, including consideration of whether the individual participants use medication or other strategies

Your participation requires filling out a questionnaire which you can link to here.

Or for further information please contact researcher Caitlin Payne

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How does music affect you?








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