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Tourettes Action online

There are plenty of ways to keep up to date with the latest news from Tourettes Action. Of course, you can find out about upcoming events, research news and new publications on our website, but why not follow us on Social Media too?

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Tourettes Action's social media platforms create a space for people in the TS community to come together, interact, access information, and support one another; and as a facilitator we want everyone in the community to benefit from using our online communication channels.

We therefore require that everyone who engages with Tourettes Action and their social media followers online, adhere to our social media code of conduct:


Please conduct yourself in a manner which isn’t insulting or threatening, and doesn’t use language which discriminates against others by showing proper consideration for ethnic, cultural, sexual, political or social status, and avoid posts or activities which others may find offensive


Thank you for being part of this community and we hope you find our social media channels and all contributions valuable.

"Tourettes Action is a charity working to make life better for people with Tourette Syndrome"








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