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"People need to know that TS is involuntary. We don't need pity, but some will always need help, support and understanding"

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Keep up to date with the latest news about Tourette Syndrome, including advancements in research. You'll also find information from Tourettes Action about upcoming events and campaigns.

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  • January Fundraisers

    See what our fabulous supporters have been up to this month.

    Posted by Pippa McClounan

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  • Living with TS - workshops for parents and carers

    These interactive workshops will include chaired discussion groups between parents, key speakers and practical information and support regarding tic management, behavioural management and school. WORKSHOP DATES: Bristol - Saturday 5th October 2019 London - Saturday 30th November 2019 Birmingham - Saturday 8th February 2020 Leeds - Saturday 21st March 2020 Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Cost: £20 If you have any questions please contact our Services Manager Emma:

    Posted by Helen Robbins

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  • One day teacher workshops on Tourette Syndrome!

    Have you got a student in your school with Tourettes Syndrome (TS) or are interested in knowing more about TS? We are hosting 3 one day teacher workshops that will aim to increase your knowledge of TS and the barriers to learning that students with TS can face in schools.

    Posted by Helen Robbins

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