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Tourettes Support Plymouth

Posted on 2 June 2015 by Helen Robbins


An independent group supporting people with TS make music video to raise awareness

Tourettes Support Plymouth (TSP) was set up in February 2014 following a person's request to their support worker to meet other people with the condition.  That support worker spoke to Helen Fellows who runs a community based project and asked if there was anything that she could do.   

Following lots of conversations and some digging Helen identified 4 other people her community project had contact with who also live with TS.  She made contact with them and arranged for the group to meet. It was quite an experience for Helen and the people attending the group; four people with TS meeting for the first time – nerves kicking in, excitement, anticipation, but it was a really good experience for all. Over the past year the group have met regularly and have become good friends and form an essential network of support for each other. Members of the group range in age from 11 to 45 and they all have different symptoms and experiences of the condition but they all understand what the others are going through and that they are there to support each other.

In June last year the group were discussing what they wanted to do as a group activity and it became apparent that music was key for a lot of the people; so Helen challenged them to work together and come up with the lyrics for a song – which they did – ‘Who we are’.  She then approached Plymouth Music Zone to see if they could  help TSP record the song they had written.  PMZ  were able to support the group and provide a 12 week programme with music leaders Elise and Steve. They helped the members of the group work on techniques, improved confidence in their performance and to work as a team.

In February 2015 PSG took the project one step further and once again working with Steve from PMZ,started work on recording a video to go along with the song.  You can view the music video on our video wall.

The group are now discussing what to do next ….watch this space!

PSG meet on the first Thursday of each month for people living with TS (no carers at this meeting sorry) from 6.30-8pm – venue confirmed once contact is made with the group.

The carers only group meets every other month on the third Thursday of the month and the next meeting will be in June again 6.30-8pm and venue will be given on contact with the group. 

If you would like further information about this group please contact Helen

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