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Brain donation

Posted on 22 July 2017 by Helen Robbins


Occasionally at Tourettes Action we get asked about people with Tourette Syndrome who wish to donate their brain to research into the condition.

We believe there is nowhere in the UK at present where people can donate their brain solely for research into Tourette Syndrome. Previously people with TS were able to donate their brain to a facility at Queen Square which accepted brain donations from individuals with Tourette Syndrome. However this is no longer the case as there was only one instance of a brain from someone with TS donated over the period of many years.

At present if you are keen to donate your brain for research in general then you can contact the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) who is the regulator for research donations of human tissue and organs. If you are interested in reading more about brain donation please go to the HTA website.

The HTA has a list of establishments who accept brain donations on their website here:

There is a section called ‘Contact details for brain banks’. There are twelve banks listed. There is also a Body, Brain and Tissue Donation pack which gives information on how to go about donating your brain via the HTA.

Being involved in research helps scientists generate new knowledge as well as advancing diagnosis, treatment and management. If you are interested in other types of research please contact Seonaid Anderson research manager




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Brain donation







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