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Current research opportunities with the University of Nottingham

Posted on 11 July 2018 by Helen Robbins


Research into Tourette syndrome at the University of Nottingham


At the University of Nottingham we are very interested in learning more about Tourette Syndrome and using this knowledge to improve diagnosis, treatment and awareness. We are always running studies and are happy to talk to anyone interested in research. Below are a few examples of the studies which are currently ongoing at Nottingham. If any of these sound of interest to you or your child we would love to hear from you.


Current research opportunities:


Exercise, tics and the brain

We are currently looking for participants with TS ages 13-24 to take part in a study which investigates what happens in the brain after exercise and how this might reduce tics. The study involves a short, fun exercise session and some brain scanning. An inconvenience allowance will be provided. You can find out more about this study and the effects exercise may have on tics by watching this video.


Please contact:  for details.


What happens before a tic?

We are currently running some exciting new research using brain imaging and electroencephalography (EEG) in TWO different studies to find out what happens in the brain just before a tic. We are recruiting participants with TS aged between 12 and 28. You can find out more about the techniques used in these two studies by watching EEG_video  or MRI_video.


Please contact Barbara Morera ( for more information. 





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Current research opportunities with the University of Nottingham


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