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Back to School week!

Posted on 1 September 2019 by Helen Eadie


This time of year can be challenging for families, as young people adjust back into the routine of school life.  We have lots of resources to support you, including information for newly diagnosed families, school transitions, managing anxiety, classroom managment advice for teachers and much more.

Please visit our Support in School page for more information

We're also excited to be working with Katie Skinner (Collaborative Learning Alliance of Special Schools, CPD Strand Manager and Specialist Teacher) to bring you a video series entitled 'Tic Talk'.  As a specialist teacher supporting young people with tics, tourettes, autism and ADHD; and having a younger brother with TS, Katie has lots of helpful advice and strategies for children, teachers and parents.  Some of the topics that will be covered in this series include: anxiety, sleep, school transition and how to talk about your tics.

You can watch the videos on our You Tube channel.


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