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Online access to our Behavioural Therapist list

Posted on 20 January 2020


You can now download the most current version of the Behavioural Therapist list from our website.

Tourettes Action have a list of consultants who specialise in diagnosing and treating TS, and a list of behavioural therapists who provide behavioural therapy for managing tics.  Until now the lists have only been available by contacting our helpdesk and having them sent out by post or email.

We are pleased to announce that the Behavioural Therapist list has now been made available online so that you can access a copy more readily.  The Consultant list will also be made available online in the very near future.  Please note that in order to access either document you will be required to fill out your name and email address - this information continues to help us build a picture of the number of people in the UK who are seeking diagnosis and support via our services.

You can access the Behavioural Therapist list through the Behavioural Therapy information page on our website, or through our Resources section

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