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New Resources for managing sleep and anxieties

Posted on 30 March 2020


Our resident Specialist Teacher, Katie Skinner, has created two excellent resources for the TS community in response to COVID-19

What If...a practical guide to possible problems

A “What if” board is a strategy for making plans to combat potential difficult situations. It helps us to identify what our worries are and make plans to manage them.
It’s a simple but effective strategy for managing big changes or common problems.
During the current Covid-19 pandemic people are facing unprecedented changes to their daily lives, and are coping with anxieties related to health, finances and worries about family members.
To support you we have compiled responses to some potential “What ifs” in the hope that they may provide you with some support and guidance at this difficult time. Download our resource here.


How to get good sleep during uncertain times

The current lockdown means that many of us have disrupted routines and are largely confined to our homes.  This can affect our sleep cycle and our mood. Sleep is essential for learning, growth, cell repair and memory consolidation. It is fundamental in supporting our physical and mental health and wellbeing.  Specialist Teacher SEMH (Swale) and Sleep Scotland Sleep Counsellor - Katie Skinner - has produced some top tips to help you get a regular good nights sleep.  Download our resource here.

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