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The social care needs of adults with Tourette Syndrome

Posted on 12 October 2020 by Pippa McClounan


Read the latest study from the University of Kent into the everyday needs of adults with TS that are not being met.

Many adults with Tourette Syndrome have everyday needs that are not being met, study finds.

Because of stigma attached to receiving social care, many adults with TS instead relied on friends and family for financial and emotional support, research suggests.

A study led by Dr Melina Malli while at the University of Kent found that as tics fluctuate in severity and frequency, adult social care assessments may not be adequate in capturing the debilitating effects of having TS.

Participants in the study were concerned that during tic-free periods adult social care practitioners could not understand the severity of their condition, and were concerned about the knowledge and understanding that adult social care staff had about TS.

The study aimed to understand the difficulties adults with TS experience and their access to adult social care. It involved online questionnaires completed by 68 individuals with TS, followed by one-to-one in-depth interviews with 16 of those individuals.

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