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Our Services

Tourettes Action have developed services that provide support and the most current information and resources for individuals, families and professionals.


  • Our Helpdesk is run by Tourettes Action staff and a dedicated team of volunteers.  We provide information and support through a telephone and email service.  Through our helpdesk we can provide you with lists of consultants who specialise in diagnosing and treating TS, and therapists who provide behavioural therapy for managing tics.
  • Befriender networkBefriending offers supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders, to people who are looking for emotional support or feel socially isolated.
  • Support groups - these are run by volunteers to offer people with TS and their families regular meet ups for information sharing, support and social events.
  • Support in School - we provide resources for parents and teachers with advice on supporting children with TS at school. 
  • Identity cards - photo ID cards for people with a diagnosis of TS.  These visual aides provide information about TS and can act as a short cut in helping others to understand about your medical condition.  
  • TA Passports - similar to identity cards in that they are a photographic document stating that the person has a diagnosis of TS.  The passport has more space to go into detail about their symptoms and situations that might highten or lessen their tics. A perfect document for school use.               
  • Grants - we make grants for equipment that can help support everyday living for a person living with TS.            











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