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Spotlight on researchers

Interested to know who is working to discover more about TS? Follow our Spotlight series to learn more about the dedicated researchers working on this subject.

  • Rebecca O'Connor is a student at the University of Derby, her project investigates how working with a parent to keep a diary may help individuals become more self-aware in order to help manage tics. 
  • Sarah Kemp is a student at Lincoln University researching the relationship between Premonitory Urges, Tic Severity and Autism in Males,
  • Melina Malli is leading a research study into the Social Care Needs of adults with TS
  • Rosanna Fennessy is a Researcher based at the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge.  Her research looks at the impact TS has on young people's education, social life and well being.
  • Diana Beljaars  talks poignantly on life with her younger sister who has TS
  • Clare Eddy - Read about her brain imaging results here
  • Leanne Hockey  investigates whether attentional and/or inhibitory mechanisms are altered in Tourettes
  • Elena Nixon focuses on the effectiveness of behavioural therapies for young people with TS 
  • Dr Victoria Pile examines how anxiety and low mood affect children and young people with TS
  • Charlotte Rae - Research Fellow interested in the role anxiety might have in movement control
  • Hilmar Sigurdssond - Research investigating the occurrence and frequency of urges prior to tics and sensory sensitivity 
  • Laura Weir  researching the effectiveness of the TA passport











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