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TS Advisory Panel

We want the Tourette’s community to be an integral part of our charity and we want their voices heard. With this in mind we formed the ‘TS Advisory Panel’. The group is made up of 5 adults with TS who work in collaboration with the charity staff, trustees and subject experts to help TA evolve, meet the needs of our service users, and help to develop new content and amend existing content. The group is chaired by Ione Georgakis, TA Therapies and Advocacy Manager, who also has Tourette’s, and will meet regularly throughout the year.

Meet our Advisory Panel members!


Amanda Marples


Amanda Marples is a Social Worker and writer from Rotherham in South Yorkshire. She has many years experience in community mental health and currently works with students with disabilities. She also offers a mentoring service for neurodivergent writers. She lives with her partner and children who are all neurodivergent in one way or another. Amanda and her little boy both have TS...there's never a dull moment in their house.

She's unbelievably proud and excited to be on board with Tourettes Action. 

Samuel Sutcliffe


My name is Sam I have TS and I work full time assisting disabled service users to create and achieve goals. I feel that everyone deserves a voice and take great pride in making sure everyone is respected, whether that be as a dad in my day to day life, at my sons school on the board of governors or even in my workplace as a senior rehab assistant.

I am really looking forward to joining the TS Advisory Panel and supporting the TS community.

Charlotte McGregor-Graham

24 year old Charlotte has had tics since the age of 4, but was only diagnosed with TS in 2014. Although her tics have improved with age and a combination of medication and psychotherapy for comorbid OCD and anxiety, her tics have lead to secondary physical disability. Charlotte has an assistance dog, called Lexi, who has been trained to help her manage her tics and physical disability.

Charlotte believes that a holistic approach is key to treating and managing tics, and has found her tics subside almost completely when she is performing or writing music. She has joined the advisory panel to share her experiences living with TS and hopes she can improve the lives for other people with the condition.

Paul Stevenson


Paul is someone who uses the many challenges that come with a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome and channels that into creating positive opportunities. He has massively raised the profile of those with TS in the employment sector and has become an ambassador at Genius Within, a leading provider of workplace coaching for neurodivergent people.

Paul is fully commited to the cause of raising awareness and also bringing acceptance of Tourette Syndrome while fighting to reduce the stigma.

Danni Phoenix-Kane

Danni, a passionate Tourette Researcher, has devoted her PhD studies to raising awareness and recognition of tics and Tic Disorders in adulthood. Diagnosed with TS in her early 30s, Danni endeavours to provide a unique viewpoint and amplify the voices of lived experience through her research.

In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Danni serves as a full-time Learning Services Manager at Lead Scotland. Outside of work, Danni immerses herself as a teacher, performer, dancer, cat-mom, and martial artist, finding these pursuits help alleviate her condition.

Thrilled to be part of the TS Advisory Panel, Danni looks forward to serving the Tourettes Community and championing inclusive, empathetic, and comprehensive awareness initiatives that improve the recognition process for all individuals living with TS or Chronic Tic Disorders.