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Other ways to donate to Tourettes Action

There are lots of ways to donate to Tourettes Action, you are limited only by your imagination. We have put together details of some of the most popular ways and how you can join in.

Donate in celebration

Is it your birthday soon or are you getting married? If so why not ask for donations to Tourettes Action instead of presents? It’s easy to set up a Justgiving fundraising page to collect donations online and we can give you a list of everybody who has donated so that you can thank them.

Set up your fundraising page now or contact us for more information about donations in celebration.

Donate in memory

Often families ask for donations to be made to Tourettes Action instead of sending flowers to remember a loved on. It is a kind and thoughtful gesture which enables us to carry on supporting people with Tourette Syndrome.

You can set up an online fundraising page to collect donations or donors can send cheques instead. Please let us know that you have asked for people to donate in memory of your loved one so that we can keep a track of donations for you to be able to thank people if you wish. We will also thank them all.

Set up an online fundraising page now or contact us for more information about donations in memory.

Recycle to donate

One of the easiest ways of raising money for TA is by recycling your old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges. We receive 50 per cent of the recycling value for any mobile phones and £1 for each empty inkjet cartridge donated by you.

Find out how to recycle your phones and cartridges for TA on the Recycle for Charity website. Or you can contact us to request an envelope to send off your donated items.

Sell your CDs and clothes to donate

You can raise money for TA by selling your CDs, DVDs, games, electronics and clothes through the Music Magpie website. It’s really easy to do using your mobile phone as a scanner. Price up your items on the website and then Music Magpie will organise for the items to be picked up. It is all free for you but can raise a huge amount for TA. 

eBay for Tourettes Action

Sell your unwanted goods on eBay and raise funds for TA. eBay for Charity allows you to list an item and donate a percentage of the sale price to us – it’s that easy. You also receive fee credits whenever you sell an item for TA. Sell your things on eBay now.

Shop for Tourettes Action

There are three great websites that you can sign up to so that each time you shop at stores like Tescos, John Lewis and Debenhams you earn money for TA at the checkout. It’s really easy to sign up and get started. Best of all there is no cost to you, so sign up now!

Buy home insurance for TA

Buy your home insurance through SureAid and you could get cheaper home insurance and raise money for TA at the same time. If you buy a SureAid policy, SureAid will donate 6 per cent of the amount to TA when you take the policy our and each year you renew.

Get a home insurance quote with SureAid now.

Gift aid your donations

Don't forget to gift aid your donations if you are a UK tax payer. That means for every pound you give us, we receive another 25 pence. You only have to make your TA Gift Aid Declaration once. Then we can use it for every gift you make, and claim the tax back on all your donations.

If we don't have your declaration yet, please download our Gift Aid form, complete it and post it back to us.