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Take on a sponsored challenge for TA

Taking on a sponsored challenge is a great way to fundraise for Tourettes Action, and it's also a brilliant opportunity to push yourself to do something you wouldn't normally do. Whether it is running a marathon, jumping out of a plane or embarking on a long distance cycle ride, we will support you all the way.

Run the London Marathon for TA

The Virgin London Marathon is the biggest charity event in the world. TA is lucky to have one Golden Bond for the Virgin London Marathon, giving us five charity places each year.

The event raises a huge proportion of our annual fundraising revenue, with our runners raising a minimum of £1,800 each, a target we have found to be more than achievable. There is also a registration fee of £50 for successful applicants.

If you are interested in filling a Golden Bond place for TA in the London Marathon, please contact us for more details.

We are also delighted to support runners who have secured a ballot place for the London Marathon and want to run in aid of TA. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail if you have a ballot place for the upcoming London Marathon.

Find out how TA can support your fundraising.


London Landmarks Half Marathon

We have secured 5 charity places for the London Landmarks Half Marathon.

We ask our charity runners to raise a minimum of £400 for Tourettes Action, and pay a registration fee of £25 to secure a place.

If you are interested in running the LLHM for TA, please contact us for more details.


Other national events

There is an endless list of events that take place around the UK each year, including running, walking, cycling, swimming and triathlons. Here are just a few examples:

The best way to secure a place in one of these events is to apply for a ballot place or purchase a place when registration opens. Make sure you book early to avoid missing out and once your place is confirmed email TA to discuss how we can support your fundraising.

(We prefer not to buy places in these events because charity registration is more expensive than for individuals). 

Find out how TA can support your fundraising.

"I've raised £795.00 so far for TA and people are still donating! Thank you all for the support, I can't wait to think of some more fundraising ideas"