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Support for young people

Most people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) are diagnosed as children or teenagers. Children generally start to tic between ages five and seven, but they can start as young as three years old.

There is a lot of information about TS available, but Tourettes Action knows that because it is a complicated condition a lot of the material can be quite difficult to understand, so we have gathered information specifically for young people.

Things people say to someone with Tourette Syndrome

Inspired by BBC3 episode 'Things Not To Say to Someone with Tourette Syndrome', we made a short video about the different responses people hear when they say they have TS.

We interviewed young people with TS under the age of 16, and their parents, to hear their reactions to the stereotypes and perceptions that exist around TS. This is a great video to watch with your child.

Watch the video here

Growing Up with Tourette Syndrome

Caspar Lee is one of the top international digital stars with more than 9 million subscribers on YouTube.  He was diagnosed with TS as a child, and was inspired to create a video that would highlight individual stories about the reality of growing up and living with TS.  In this uplifting and heart-warming film he interviews 6 young people aged between 9 - 20 years old about growing up with TS. 

Watch the video here

Tourette Syndrome - The Simple Truth

Tourettes Action asked young people what questions they wanted answered about TS, and we've attempted to answer them here, including:

  • What is TS?
  • Will I swear?
  • What might help my tics
  • Should I tell people in school that I have TS?
  • Can I do the same things as my friends, like going to the cinema?
  • Will anybody want to go out with me?
  • Will I be able to get a job?
  • Is there anybody famous with TS?

Download 'Tourette Syndrome - The Simple Truth.'

We also have a presentation about TS which can be shared with your school, friends and family to help you explain about your TS.

Other TA information for young people

Other information for young people with TS

  • Tourettes Hero – Jess Thom and her team of creatives celebrate the humour and creativity of Tourette Syndrome through witty musings and art. 

Books about TS for young people

You can find more books and information in our Resources Library.

"In assembly, one of the teachers told me to stop flicking my shoe. When I looked at him, my eyes rolled up in a tic. He kept me in at break for being rude, I was too embarassed to tell him it was a tic"