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The Tourettes Action team

Tourettes Action is run by a small team of dedicated staff and an experienced board of trustees who have worked with Tourette Syndrome and disability organisations. The charity is based in our office in Farnborough, but many of the team work around the country supporting people with TS.


Emma McNally


Emma is both a successful business executive and an avid campaigner for the
needs of people with TS. She is passionate about the cause and has worked tirelessly on improving the access to diagnosis and treatment. Emma joined TA in January 2022 and has a son with TS.


Alison Fazakerley

Accounts Assistant

Ali works three days a week in our office in Farnborough and has been with TA since 2011. She looks after the TA accounts and grants. 

Read 'Spotlight on Staff' for some fun-facts about Ali.


Emma Myers

Events Manager

Emma works part time, from home, and organises the TA events including TICfest, TEENfest and adult weekends as well as workshops and webinars. Emma joined TA in 2012 and has a daughter with TS.

Emma is also the TA Mental Health Safe Guarding Lead and Designated Safe Guarding Officer.

Read 'Spotlight on Staff' for some fun-facts about Emma.


Lucy Toghill

Education Manager

Lucy works part time and consults with schools and education professionals to optimise understanding of and support for pupils with TS. Lucy worked in mainstream schools as a primary school teacher for 15 years before joining Tourettes Action and she has a son with TS.


Ros Taylor

Trust Funding Consultant

Ros is responsible for applications that TA makes to funding bodies.

Read  'Spotlight on Staff' for some fun-facts about Ros.


Pippa McClounan

Office and Fundraising Manager

Pippa works 4 days a week from our office in Farnborough, Hampshire. She is responsible for the smooth running of the office on a day-to-day basis, providing support to the TA team and managing the TA fundraisers. Pippa joined TA in 2014 and has a son with TS.


Venetia Masters

Office Administrator

Venetia works part-time and is based at our Farnborough office. Venetia helps with all administration tasks including ensuring all online shop orders are processed, sending out information packs plus general office duties. Venetia joined TA in August 2019.


Ione Georgakis

Advocacy Lead

Ione is an occupational therapist who works part-time as the lead advocate for Tourettes Action. Using her lived experience, Ione educates employers and healthcare providers on the characteristics of Tourette Syndrome, seeking to myth bust, and reduce barriers to engagement and wellbeing. 

Kelsie-Rose Edwards

Support Services Administrator

Kelsie joined TA in 2021 and works part-time to assist with admin duties to support the team. Kelsie also covers Live Chat and answers Helpdesk emails. Kelsie has Tourette Syndrome so is superbly placed to assist those who contact the TA Helpdesk for support.

Jenna Doran

Social Media Specialist

Jenna works 5 days a week both from home and from our office in Farnborough and manages all our social media platforms, as well as helping to grow and assist our online community. Jenna joined TA in June 2022 and has a son who manages tics and has sensory needs.

Suzanne Parsons

Support Services Manager

Suzanne is responsible for managing our support services including live chat, helpdesk, befriending, support groups both face to face and online. She has worked closely with TA since 2016 in the role of Kent support group co-ordinator. She joined the TA team in June 2022. She is passionate about promoting TS awareness and has a son and a daughter with TS.

Read about our Board of Trustees 

TA patrons

Daniel Katz MBE
Michael Nyman CBE

Prof. Mary M Robertson MD, DSc(med), FRCP, FRCPCH, FRCPsych


"Tourettes Action is a charity working to make life better for people with Tourette Syndrome"


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