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Weekend for adults with TS

Our residential weekend exclusively for adults with TS

Weekend for Adults with TS

What is the Adult Weekend?

Our adult weekend is an opportunity for individuals over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of TS (plus one guest), to get away and enjoy meeting new friends in a relaxed, welcoming environment. There will be some organised activities plus plenty of down time for people to enjoy the on site facilities and getting to know one another.



The Weekend @Whitemoor Lakes 9-11 August 2024

Lichfield, Staffordshire

Located in the south of Staffordshire, Whitemoor Lakes provides the ideal backdrop for fun, adventure and comfort. All rooms are en-suite with TV and tea/coffee making facilities, (please note, some accommodation will be shared). There will be organised activities plus time to relax and meet others with TS. This event is open to TS adults 18+ and their guest (if you wish to bring one). Guests must also be over 18.




Terms and Conditions

All participants must have a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome (excluding your chosen guest) and be aged 18+.  Each person can bring one adult guest with them over the age of 18.

The cost of attending our adult weekends will be £50 per person, and will include accomodation, activities and all meals during the weekend. 

Please contact us if you have concerns regarding payment as we want to make these events as inclusive as possible.

A note from the venue: It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol on site. We take the safety and well-being of our visitors seriously, and the consumption of alcohol on-site can impair judgment and lead to potential accidents or incidents. Therefore, we have established a zero-tolerance policy regarding the consumption of alcohol while on these premises. We ask all individuals to respect this policy and refrain from bringing any alcoholic beverages onto the property. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe and productive environment for all.

Participant selection process and order of priority for allocation:

  • As there are significant numbers of people that want to attend ‘Fest’ events, this demand outstrips supply. As a result of this, and to make sure new people can experience the ‘Fest’ events, the Event Manager will oversee a  selection process, and will subsequently select participants for each ‘Fest’ event based on the order of priority (below). The objective is to try and have an event with 80% of first-time participants and 20% of returning        participants
  • Once names are received from the online booking process the Event Manager, as they go through the selection process, must check names against the charity’s ‘blacklist’ of those who have been banned from attending TA events
  • Proof of TS diagnosis/awaiting diagnosis will be requested as part of the booking process and will involve the person booking uploading an image in .png or .jpeg format of the diagnosis letter or other correspondence that confirms diagnosis or clinic/service that they are awaiting a diagnosis from
  • First time participants at a given ‘Fest’ with TS diagnosis that are on the ‘Fest’ waiting list from a prior year
  • First time participants at a given ‘Fest’ with TS diagnosis
  • Second time participants at a given ‘Fest’ with TS diagnosis
  • People waiting for their formal diagnosis
  • They will be asked on booking form to share the clinic/service that they are awaiting the formal diagnosis from
  • Ballot to allocate remaining places at random.This ballot will utilise an online name selector that can select names at random from a list uploaded to the software. This provides a quick and fair way of selecting the remaining participants and removes human involvement from the process

For example, someone who has attended a TICFest before, but has not attended a TEENFest would be considered a first-time attendee for their first TEENFest. An example online name selector -