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"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who is on the helpdesk you are always such a help. I have gone from worrying to feeling really positive again"

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Leave a legacy to Tourettes Action

We understand that when making a Will your first priority is making sure your loved ones are supported, but many people find that they are also able to leave something to a charity they hold dear.

By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes, and the people and causes you care about, are provided for.

After providing for your family and friends, many people also remember a charity in their Will. This has the added benefit of reducing or eliminating your family’s inheritance tax.

Leaving Tourettes Action a gift in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways that you can support us. It costs nothing during your lifetime, it is simple to do, free from inheritance tax and can have a lasting legacy for years to come.


How legacies make a difference to our work

TA is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. We receive no funding from the government for our work supporting people with Tourette Syndrome (TS). Money received via legacies can go a long way to helping improve the lives of people with TS, it can shape the future, ensuring that we are always here for people with Tourette Syndrome and their families.


How to leave a legacy in your Will

It’s easy to include a legacy gift in your will or to add one to an existing will. You have 3 options:

  1. A residuary gift – this is a gift expressed as a percentage or share of your estate, meaning if your financial situation changes over time you do not need to worry. It is calculated once any taxes, costs and other gifts have been paid and has the added benefit of being inflation proof. For example, if your estate has a value of £250,000 after taxes, costs and other gifts are deducted, leaving 1% to TA would equate to £2,500. As the value of your estate changes over time, so will the amount of the gift.
  2. A pecuniary gift – this is a fixed amount of money. For example you could choose to leave £2,000 to TA in your will, this will however lose value over time as inflation changes.
  3. A specific gift – this could be anything such as jewellery, stocks, shares or even a house.

When creating a Will you have the option of speaking to a solicitor or, if your financial affairs are straightforward, you can create a Will online.


Create a Will online

Tourettes Action are able to offer our service users the option of creating a free Will online through our partnership with Freewills. They provide an online Will writing service where you can make a legally-binding Will in just fifteen minutes at no cost to you.

During this process you have the option to leave a gift donation to Tourettes Action. Anything left to Tourettes Action will be exempt from Inheritance Tax and will enable us to continue our important work. There is, however, no obligation at all to do so, you can still use this free service whether or not you decide to include Tourettes Action in your Will.


Create a Will with a solicitor in person

The Charity Choice website can also help you find a solicitor near you.

If you decide you would like to leave a legacy to Tourettes Action you may need the following information:

  • Charity name: Tourette Syndrome (UK) Association
  • Registered address: The Meads Business Centre, 19 Kingsmead, Farnborough, Hampshre, GU14 7SR
  • Registered charity number: 1003317


Other useful links when leaving a legacy gift