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Tourettes Action ID cards

Tourettes Action's Identity Cards can aid other people's understanding of Tourette Syndrome by acknowledging your diagnosis and providing a short explanation of the condition.

Sometimes the symptoms of TS can be difficult to explain, and in situations like busy pubs, restaurants or on public transport, you may not want to get into a discussion about your TS.

The TA ID card is a credit card-size plastic card that will easily fit into your wallet or purse. It contains a passport size picture of the person and states that they have been diagnosed with TS. The ID card also comes with a pack of information cards, business card size, that can be handed out to people. These have information about TS and inform people where they can find more information, including advising them to call the TA Helpdesk.

People who have used the cards say that it gives them extra confidence to go to places they might previously have avoided.

Please note that we have created hand out cards for individuals who experience suggestive tics, coughing and sneezing tics, to use specifically during the coronavirus period.  These have been produced to support any necessary interactions you may have with the public, where you feel it would be helpful to have a visual aid in the form of a handout card to explain your symptoms.  You can download and print off the cards by clicking on the covid-19 link in the right-hand column.

Language translations

To provide some extra support when travelling, we have produced translations of the ID card in eight languages, which have been verified as accurate by professional language translators: Guildhawk.  These translations are free and can be used alongside your ID card.  The different translations can be downloaded in the right column of this page.

How to apply for a Tourettes Action identity card

A pack containing the ID card and 25 business cards costs just £15 and can be purchased by downloading and completing the ID card application form (right column). As part of your application you must supply an up to date passport size photo along with written confirmation of your diagnosis of TS.

Please send your completed application form along with all supporting documents to our office. It takes two weeks for your ID card to be delivered once we have received your form.

Replacement cards and extra information cards

If you have lost your card you can order a replacement from TA for a cost of £5. You can also order extra packs of information cards for £2.50.

You can purchase these by downloading and completing the order section of the ID card application form and sending it, along with payment, to our office.

If you have any questions about the TA ID cards please email us






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