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Below is a list of current research projects supported by Tourettes Action which we welcome you to participate in.

Evaluating healthcare professionals experiences of assessing and treating tics in children and young people in the UK

The research team from the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at University of Nottingham invite healthcare professionals to take part in their latest research study. This study is mapping the provision of tic services in different geographical regions of England and evaluating the barriers and facilitators to providing tic services for children and young people, experienced by healthcare professionals.

Please click this link for more information and to take part


Experiences of a functional tics diagnosis in adolescents, and their caregivers

A team of researchers, clinical psychologists, and trainee clinical psychologists at University College London (UCL) want to find out what it is like to have functional tics, both from young people diagnosed with functional tics and their parents or carers. This will involve interviewing parents and young people separately. They are interested in understanding the carer and child’s experiences of a functional tics diagnosis, what impact it has and what might or might not help to support people with functional tics.

Please click this link for more information and to take part


Investigating the levels of social anxiety within the TS population

Student Researcher Alice Rhodes, from the University of Sussex invites you to take part in a study to further understanding of social anxiety processes in those with TS or a tic disorder.

This research will attempt to collect data on five specific cognitive processes associated with social anxiety to comprehensively answer the question of what effect self-focused attention processes have on post-event processing.

Please click this link for more information and to take part


Parents of young people aged 10-17 years old who have developed sudden tics

Amanda Ludlow, a researcher at the University of Hertfordshire is recruiting parents of young people (10-17 years) who have sudden onset of tics and tic like attacks. The study aims to gain information relating to parents’ experiences in the hope of gaining a better understanding of the experiences and access to support to date.

Participants will be required to complete an online consent form and to complete a short demographic questionnaire, detailing information such as the child’s age and their diagnoses, and some short questions surrounding their tics, sensory behaviours and your experience of the support on offer.

Please click this link for more information and to take part


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