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Support with your research


Recruiting participants

We know that recruiting participants for research can sometimes be challenging. Tourettes Action can help your recruitment by sharing your research with our supporters.

How we do this

• by emailing our network of supporters across the UK (or specific areas)

• by featuring your project on our website and sharing it with our online community

What you need to do

We ask that researchers do not approach our local groups directly, instead, please contact us by sending an email to

You will be asked to provide:

  • full ethical approval or support letter
  • patient information sheet and consent form
  • submit your application for non-financial research support (see right side column)


Read more about how we can help in our 'Supporting non-financial research' in the right side column.


Writing a lay summary

Lay summaries are short accounts of research that are targeted at a general audience. For the Tourettes Action audience they can be useful in supporting wider public engagement with research. The main aims of the lay summary of your research for the Tourettes Action website are:

• To have an article of around 300–500 words, this is the suggested lower word limit for a web article.

• This summary is to communicate research to a non-specialist audience, so please describe your research in non-specialist language.

• Please bear in mind when writing the lay summary that by disseminating your research to the lay audience it will increase the relevance of the research to people with tics and Tourettes Syndrome.

• It is also hoped that such dissemination will engage people in research and therefore increase recruitment to research.

• Please show how your research findings will be used to make a difference to service users’ lives.

On behalf of Tourettes Action we would like to thank you for engaging with us and the Tourette Syndrome community by telling us about your research and its benefits.