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Our Corporate Partners

Research shows that 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a charity they care about and people are increasingly interested in buying from brands that have a philanthropic aspect to them. We are on a mission to raise the profile of TS and we believe this can be achieved through increased public awareness - which is where our partnerships with corporations come in. We are proud to partner with some incredible organisations, who have supported Tourettes Action through recent awareness campaigns, fundraising and with financial support.

Tourettes Action & Corporates - A Partnership With Impact


We believe there is a huge mutual benefit to these special corporate relationships:

  • Our website receives an average of 9,305 new visitors every month, so the potential for brand exposure is enormous
  • Over 9,300 supporters subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Giving back to a community you are passionate about can help enhance your reputation, public image, and brand perception in a positive way
  • Tax Benefits – there are several potential tax benefits associated with charitable donations
  • Employee Engagement – supporting charity causes can boost employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement


How can your business support our work?


  • We receive no government funding so rely on donations to be able to operate. Dress down days, bake sales, team challenges and matched funding are just a few of the ways your business can get involved

Employee Giving

  • Employers can sign up to a workplace giving program through payroll giving, matched funding and more. Ask your employer to get involved

Project Sponsorship

  • Cause related marketing is a great way to make an impact, increase product sales and display your brand’s commitment to corporate social responsibility to consumers. Your business can help us to make change and raise awareness by sponsoring aspects of our work, such as our TS Awareness Month campaigns

If your business or employer would like to find out more, please email


We are proud to partner with the following organisations


Our Charity Partner


We are over the moon to be chosen as Charity Partner by global organisation GS1UK. Following a nomination and voting process, Tourettes Action will benefit from the next 4 years of fundraising and support from GS1UK.

Thanks to GS1UK employee Bradley Hamper for nominating TA for this amazing opportunity.

Find out more here


Our Awareness Month Partners





Manton Executives



Manton Executives started small. Founder, Luke, was diagnosed with adult-onset TS in 2018. That made it tricky to find a job. Anywhere. So, he employed himself!

Luke began offering his expertise to friends’ companies. As word of mouth spread, other businesses reached out - and the rest is history. Manton Executives became a fully-fledged business in 2019.  

"Tourettes Action stepped in when I was at a dead end. Their support wasn't just a lifeline; it was a turning point. Without it, I can't say for sure where I'd be today, or if I'd be coping at all. What they offered me made a real difference—it was practical, it was genuine, and it changed my life.

That boost helped me get my confidence back and was the driver needed to start my own company. Now, I see the importance of standing behind the charity that's in the corner of those dealing with my condition. I know firsthand how tough it can get, and I'm all for helping them keep up the incredible work they do. They're making a real impact, and I'm here to support them doing that."

Find out more information here



Evans Evacuations

'I was told I couldn't do a 'mans job', so I made it 'my job!'

Pamela 'The Digger Lady' Evans offers excavation and operator for hire, based in Stockport, Cheshire.

"Without the support from Tourettes Action we wouldn't have met all the families going through the same thing. Its been a massive help for our daughter to feel comfortable to let her tics out and be unapologetically herself around her peers. The events put on by TA are fun and accommodating to all needs. We have gained such a better understanding of our daughters condition because of TA.

I teach my daughter how to drive a Digger just like me , to show her that TS won't hold her back . A big thankyou from The Evans Familey and Diggerlady team".

For more details please email or call 07554531827.

Precon Products


Precon Products are a leading national independent supplier of construction products, proudly offering the building and construction industry excellent customer care, fast delivery, a dedicated sales team and a huge range of stock.

Founded in 2008 Precon Products has rapidly grown to a multi million pound company supplying a wide range of contractors nationally, with four locations based around the UK, including offices in Suffolk, Northamptonshire, Surrey and Sheffield.

For more details please call 0844 8002 464 or email


Our Corporate Partners

SME Graduate Employment

SME Graduate Employment is run by director Matthew Parry, who has lived with Tourette Syndrome since he was a child. He is a specialist recruiter of graduates for small to medium sized businesses across the UK.

"Tourette Syndrome is a much misunderstood condition. It’s important that more people know about the condition, and that support is given to those who live with it. Tourettes Action play a big part in this, and I am proud to be supporting them with their aims".

You can find more information here:



Our Move for Tourettes Partners

Ashford Fitness

As transformational health and wellbeing specialists, we are here to support your lifelong journey of physical excellence. Backed by years of military experience we provide detailed one to one training support and corporate wellness packages which help you as an individual navigate your life efficiently. 

Find out more here:

Instagram LinkdIn

Katerpillar Designs


Katerpillar is a full creative design agency offering Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, Print, and Marketing. With a vast foundation of knowledge in these areas Katerpillar can help build up your new business or expand your current one. We can help with all of your branding and marketing needs and we specialise in client satisfaction with a friendly but professional approach.

Find out more here


Our TACA Partners

Cass Art


Cass Art, the UK’s leading art supplies retailer, has 14 stores across the UK and an online shop, offering the world’s best brands at affordable prices. Committed to supporting creatives at all stages of their careers, Cass Art works in partnership with numerous organisations and institutions to provide sponsorship, bursaries and awards.

Read about how the Cass family has supported artists for over 100 years at

Genius Within

Genius Within stand proudly at the intersection of lived experience and expertise. As both a neurodivergent led and owned business, and by being experts in their field, they have made it their life’s work to help neurodistinct individuals access their inner genius and be at their best at work.

Their team of highly qualified Occupational Psychologists, workplace coaches and HR experts understand what works, not only because 68% of those working at Genius Within are neurodivergent/disabled, but also from decades of research and experience with clients.

Find out more here

The Limelight Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA)



The Limelight Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) completes the trio of sponsors for this year’s TACA. LAPA is committed to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment where those passionate about the performing arts, can grow, collaborate, and flourish. LAPA offer young people a range of enabling courses across the many disciplines of the performing arts. Importantly LAPA believe that anyone should be able to express their creative side!

Find out more here