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Volunteer for Tourettes Action

Volunteering for Tourettes Action is a great way to get involved in the charity's work and to help support people living with Tourette Syndrome.

Helpdesk volunteers

Our Helpdesk is a vital service that provides information and support to people with TS, their families and health and education professionals. 

Volunteering on the Helpdesk is a diverse and rewarding experience. We provide comprehensive training and continued development to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for the role of Helpdesk volunteer; and we are committed to supporting our volunteers throughout their Helpdesk experience.  

Through volunteering on the Helpdesk you will acquire transferable skills and will be directly contributing to our aim, which is to help people with TS receive the practical support and social acceptance to help them live their lives to the full. 

Our volunteers need to have the ability to listen, be non-judgemental, empathetic and self-aware. If you are interested in more information about this role, please email our Helpdesk.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Occasionally, we ask for volunteers to help at TA events. For any questions about volunteering for TA, Please email our Helpdesk.



I have been volunteering for Tourettes Action for a number of years. I live close to the TA Head Office, so I volunteer my time to help out with various admin duties such as packaging up shop orders, preparing fundraising packs and helping with any other admin requirements.

My Grandson has TS so I am more than happy to make a small contribution to helping Tourettes Action continue to support the TS community.

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and three children and have been volunteering on the help desk since early 2023.

My middle daughter was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 8 and then Autism, ADHD and FND at 17. Tourettes Action has been a lifeline for us for many years, so I decided to volunteer to give something back, and to use my experience to help others.

I have been volunteering on the TA Helpdesk since the end of 2023.

I was diagnosed with Tourette’s aged 8 and understand the struggles individuals and families can go through living with this syndrome. Being a medical student with Tourette’s, I believe it’s important that everyone who may be struggling knows that their capabilities are not limited. TA has been a huge support during so many people's journeys, including mine, and I wanted to be part of that support for other people.

I have volunteered with Tourettes Action on the Helpdesk since 2017.

I enjoy having the opportunity to support families and individuals with TS alongside my full-time job as a Social Prescribing Link Worker.

I have been a volunteer for Tourettes Action for a number of years, in a variety of roles including supporting people on the Helpdesk, delivering awareness training to schools and assisting with different admin tasks.


I have been a Helpdesk volunteer since May 2023. At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with TS. Since that day, I have received no professional support which has been challenging both physically and emotionally, for me and my family. My tics and co-occurring conditions have been something I have largely tried to manage by myself, which has felt incredibly lonely and scary at times. Shortly after I gave birth to my daughter, I began to contemplate that she may have inherited TS from me - which is when I discovered TA - I only wish I had discovered them sooner! I knew instantly that I wanted to help so I applied to be a volunteer.

Working on the Helpdesk means that I get to support people who are at various stages on their TS journey. I find it so rewarding to know that I am helping other people, and feel proud to be part of our group of wonderful volunteers.

My sister, Venetia, works for TA, so I volunteer my time to support her in the office with general office duties. This includes packaging and posting out fundraising packs to supporters and helping during busy times such as Move for Tourettes and Christmas.

I enjoy arts and crafts, crocheting, knitting and baking, and I love volunteering some time to TA.


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