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Support with Employment

Having Tourette Syndrome (TS) should not prevent you from fulfilling your career aspirations. Many people with TS have successful careers, and are able to sustain employment.

However, for some people with TS, their symptoms can make it difficult to work regular hours or in their preferred field. Sometimes it is necessary for an employer to know if their employee has TS, so that practical solutions can be created in the workplace to support the employee.

Tourettes Action Factsheet for Employees

We have put together a Factsheet for Employees with TS, looking at:

  • Steps to employment: Choosing careers, job finding, interviews
  • Disclosing your condition to your employer: When is it appropriate to tell your employer you have TS, telling your colleagues
  • Managing stress at work: self-help tools to help manage stress
  • Responsibility of the employer: Employer’s duty to disabled workers, reasonable adjustments
  • Discrimination in the workplace: What to do if you feel you have been discriminated against at work, bullying
  • Other types of employment options for people with TS: Social firms, self-employment
  • Useful organisations and resources

Download our Factsheet for Employees


Listen to this great podcast which interviews Alice Franklin, a strategy intern at advertsiing agency BBH. Alice talks about her TS and Autism and the journey she has made from feeling 'unemployable' to being the neurodiverse talent that she is - A great listen!

Tourettes Action recorded a webinar with Occupational Psychologist Nancy Doyle who specialises in supporting people with neurodiverse conditions to survive and thrive in the workplace. The webinar covers: Tourettes and neurodiversity, reasonable adjustments, and how to feel supported in the workplace. An informative resource for employees and employers - watch it here. Nancy Doyle featured in award winning BBC series Employable Me.

Information for Employers

Employers have a responsibility under law to support employees with disabilities. TA has put together information for employers about TS which you can pass to them.

Read our information for employers.

Benefits and support

If you are unable to work you may be eligible for benefits. You can find more information on our TS and Benefits page.

"Having a diagnosis has meant that I can access the help and support I need to be independent and happy"



Wednesday 29 May 19:00

Adults with TS Support group, Online 7pm - 8pm

Thursday 30 May 10:00

Parent/Caregiver Online Coffee Morning, Online 10am - 11am

Friday 31 May 10:00

Q&A Drop-in session, Online 10am - 11am