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Behavioural Therapy Training

Tourettes Action are facilitating subsidised training days for clinicians who would like to continue their professional development by training in behavioural therapy for managing tics.

Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention for Tics (CBIT) is a dynamic therapeutic approach for managing tics.  It comprises the key elements of Psycho-education, Functional Analysis, Habit Reversal Therapy, Social Support and Reward System and Relaxation Training.  

Tourettes Action hold a list of therapists who provide CBIT for people living with Tourette Syndrome, and we would like to continue increasing the pool of professionals who are trained in this treatment to help more people access this effective therapy.

The training runs over two days.

Here's what clinicians are saying about the training:

‘I absolutely loved the whole experience of the training. The atmosphere was simply amazing. Having the opportunity to meet other clinicians from varied settings, experiences and insights was highly valuable. The actual PowerPoints was laid out in a way that could be understood and the role plays that followed allowed us to practice the new skills we had learnt in a safe environment. The trainers came around the room and offered feedback to the role plays, which was invaluable. The handouts such as the work books and assessments allowed us as practitioners to understand how we would integrate the training into our therapy sessions’. Glasgow


If you are interested in joining a future training day please contact Research Manager Seonaid Anderson:













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