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Behavioural Therapy Training

Tourettes Action offers subsided CBITS training for clinicians and professionals across the UK.

We are following government advice very carefully regarding coronavirus public health measures.  As a result, our plans for CBITS training 2020 are on hold until further notice.  We intend to deliver these training events as soon as it is safe and recommended to do so.  Thank you for your understanding.


Subsidised behavioural training:

The charity Tourettes Action offer therapists subsidised specialist training in Comprehensive Behavioural Treatment for Tics (CBITS) which is used for children and adults with tics and Tourette Syndrome (TS). Tourettes Action recognise that there is a critical shortage of trained therapists for people with tics and TS.



The European clinical guidelines for Tourette Syndrome and other tic disorders indicate that behavioural therapy is a first line intervention for tics for both children and adult patients[i]. Patients often report wanting behaviour therapy for their child or for themselves, yet are unable to find help.  With this training we aim to bridge this gap between what is suggested by clinical guidelines and what is available in daily practice. 


What is being offered:

A 2 day training session with trainers who are experienced clinical psychologists.Professionals from disciplines such as psychology, nursing, occupational therapy, psychiatry and neurology as well as clinicians with experience of delivering behavioural therapy may benefit from attending the training.


The training will include training videos, and take-home treatment manuals and certificate of attendance and CPD points for attendees. Included in the training is the possibility for one session of consultation via telemedicine to help clinical practice.


An overview of the training:

The two–day workshop will start with a background on psychoeducational and diagnostic information on Tourette Syndrome and chronic tic disorders. Clinically appropriate outcome measures will be discussed, and detailed, structured information will be provided on how to deliver two behavioural therapies: Habit Reversal Training (HRT) and Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) treatment packages. A brief focus will be placed on relaxation, social support and cognitive strategies. The training will include training videos, and take-home treatment manuals. Previously offered in the training was the possibility for one session of consultation via telemedicine to help clinical practice following the training (available within 6 months following the workshop) – we hope to make this available again in future trainings. If participants have complex cases to bring to the final session, this will also be helpful for discussion amongst the attendees and input from the trainers. There will also be a session on ‘pitfalls’ and ‘complex’ cases by the trainers. 

Please have a look at our Tourettes Action video about behavioural therapy and the training offered


Feedback from attendees:

What did you like about the training?

‘I absolutely loved the whole experience of the training. The atmosphere was simply amazing. Having the opportunity to meet other clinicians from varied settings, experiences and insights was highly valuable. The actual PowerPoints was laid out in a way that could be understood and the role plays that followed allowed us to practice the new skills we had learnt in a safe environment. The trainers came around the room and offered feedback to the role plays, which was invaluable. The handouts such as the work books and assessments allowed us as practitioners to understand how we would integrate the training into our therapy sessions’.


‘The opportunity to learn from expert clinicians. This is a very practical, skills based training package - which I can implement immediately in clinical practice with confidence in the evidence base’.


‘All of it, such expertise from the trainers, real breadth of experience, but also a very empowering style and easy manner of conveying the skills and methods’.


‘Evidence based training that feels very user friendly and quite empowering for clinicians who may have felt a little stuck with how to help TS clients’.


Ongoing professional support from Tourettes Action

Ongoing professional support from TA includes clinical consultation sessions for clinicians/therapists which help support and develop expertise in providing behavioural treatments for tics. These sessions also supplement clinician’s practical experience in both diagnosing and treating patients with Tourette Syndrome. The sessions are held in London but there is the opportunity for clinicians to video-conference in to the sessions.


You may also be interested to know that Tourettes Action recently wrote a topic guide on Tourette Syndrome for The Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH); and have created the first guided relaxation available which is designed specifically for tics

If you have any questions, please contact


[i] European clinical guidelines for Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders. Part II: Pharmacological treatment & Part III: Behavioural and psychosocial interventions. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 20(4):173-207.












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