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Workshops for parents and teachers

We facilitate workshops for parents and teachers to help deepen understanding of TS; and provide strategies and approaches - rooted in the latest research - to support young people, families and schools.


Living with TS - workshops for parents and carers

This workshop is for parents and carers and will cover information and support for families that have newly diagnosed children and/or school aged children with TS.

These interactive workshops will include chaired discussion groups between parents, key speakers and practical information and support regarding tic management, behavioural management and school.


What people are saying about our parent/carer workshops:

"Very good. Interesting and informative"   "Educational and inclusive. Really helpful and informative"

"So helpful to understand more about the complexities and layers of TS"



Birmingham - Saturday 8th February 2020

Leeds - Saturday 21st March 2020


Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Cost: £20


If you have any questions please contact our Services Manager Emma: 



Teacher workshops on TS

Have you got a student in your school with Tourettes Syndrome (TS) or are interested in knowing more about TS? We are hosting 3 one day teacher workshops that will aim to increase your knowledge of TS and the barriers to learning that students with TS can face in schools.

With a range of expert speakers we aim to pass on tried and tested strategies that you can use to help your students have full access to the curriculum and reach their full potential. We know having a child with TS in school can be very challenging so we aim to help you have a better understanding of how to manage behaviour, and empower these young people to fully understand and manage their TS. 

The workshops will feature behaviour specialists, educational psychologists, specialists teachers and presentations from adults with Tourettes.


What people are saying about our teacher workshops:

"Fantastic presentation. Lots of good resources suggested"  "Very empowering, informative. Great"

"Clear and informative and opened my eyes to the issues these kids have in school."



Birmingham - Friday 7th February 2020


Lunch and refreshemts will be provided.

Cost: £20


If you have any questions please contact our Education Manager Lucy:  


"This has given me a deeper understanding of what children with TS are dealing with and has given me confidence to approach school/ groups/ clubs etc to give best quality of life."












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