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Tourettes Awareness Month 2022

During Tourettes Awareness month, 15th May to 15th June, we want to destigmatise Tourette Syndrome, showing the general public what the reality of TS looks like, dispelling some of the myths that surround it. 

What is the issue?

Whilst the majority of people have heard of Tourette Syndrome, many do not really understand what it entails, most thinking that shouting out obscenities is a criteria for diagnosis, when it is not.  Tourettes is very often still used as the punchline in jokes and we are not really any further forward than we were 10 years ago.


We believe this is due to the lack of awareness around the condition.  It is still one of the least known neurodiverse conditions.  The media often portrays TS as the swearing condition and the true realities of what it's like to live with the condition are rarely shown.  If we were to educate more, be that in schools, workplaces and general advertising, we would hopefully eradicate a lot of the misconceptions around TS.

How do we aim to help?

During Tourettes Awareness Month, 15th May to 15th June, we will be running a campaign that aims to destigmatise Tourettes with both educating and advertising.  The campaign will show the general public what the reality of Tourettes looks like, dispelling some of the myths that surround it.


The campaign is called #ThisIsTourettes #ItsNotWhatYouThink and with your help, the TS community, we hope to really get the message out there. We want you to reach out to your contacts, be that in education, health, media or the corporate world and ask for their support.  Both yourself and these contacts will become TA Tourettes Awareness Month Partners.


This campaign will work with a 2-pronged approach to reach a wider audience: Spreading educational material and Advertising.


Year on year we want to grow our list of partners, further spreading the message.

So how can you become a TA Tourettes Awareness Month Partner?

A TA Tourettes Awareness Month Partner is anyone who is agreeing to support Tourettes Awareness month, being involved as much or as little as they like.  During Tourettes Awareness month, we want people to:

Take part in #MoveForTourettes

Join our annual fundraising campaign to support TS Awareness Month. You decide your own challenge, to be completed any time between 15 May - 15 June, and earn yourself a medal, certificate and beanie hat!

Find out more and sign up here

Put up a poster

We are asking people to put a poster up in their workplace, place of leisure or school.  If you are willing to do this, please fill out the following form, stating how many posters you would like and also your delivery address and we will send them out to you.

Share our poster digitally 

We would like our poster displayed digitally on digital billboards, TV screens in restaurants and places of leisure and on everyones social media.  Download the poster in digital format here.

Share our awareness video  

We would like our awareness video to be seen by as many people as possible, so we are encouraging as many people as possible to share it. View our Tourette's Awareness video here 

Use our social media pack

We are asking people to use our email footer banner on their personal and work emails, add our social media cover photos to their social accounts and use our virtual backgrounds when on zoom and teams calls.  You can download our socail media pack here.

Hold an awareness lesson on Tourette Syndrome within school

We have ready made lesson plans to make the job of a teacher that little bit easier.  The lesson plans contain presentations, videos and worksheets, relevant to all ages.  You can download the KS1 lesson plan here, the KS2 lesson plan here and the KS3 / 4 lesson plan here.

Hold an awareness day

We want as many schools and businesses as possible to hold an awareness day. Awareness days are all about educating the audience on Tourette Syndrome. Anyone agreeing to take part in an awareness day will be sent an educational pack containing leaflets, balloons, posters in paper and digital format and our social media pack.


Schools will also be sent:

  • Lesson plans to educate the class on TS which contain presentations, worksheets and videos
  • A BBC Children in Need bobble hat if you hold a collection (subject to availability)


Please fill out the following form if you want to hold an awareness day, stating if you are a school or business, giving your postal address and we will send over all the relevant information.  A great idea is getting everyone to wear a teal or green item to mark the occation.  If you could hold a collection on your awareness day, we would be extremely grateful. 


We encourage everyone taking part in an awareness day to take photographs and share them with us, so we can celebrate everyone coming together to support TS.

Donate towards advertising

We want to get our awareness artwork displayed in as many places as possible but advertising is extremely expensive, so anything you can donate would be greatly received.  For example, advertising on the back of a bus or in a train station, costs between £200 - £600 just for one item! If you would like to, you can donate here.

"It may look mild on the outside but many tics are not visible to others"