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See below for a list of the historical research projects Tourettes Action have supported over the years.

Pre 2019 Research Studies

European Tourette Syndrome Research Survey

A short questionnaire for patients and families with Tourette Syndrome, to inform researchers about what you would like TS research to focus on.  Survey was avaiable in 14 languages and closed in March 2018.  

Read a summary of the results here


Study exploring the eating and dietary behaviours in children with TS

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire conducted a study exploring the eating and dietary behaviours in children with TS. 

Read a summary of the results here


University of Wolverhampton

Recruitment of people between 11 - 13 to participate in research that will measure the effect of Mindfulness in reducing tics in young people.


Sleep study – Kings College London

Researching sleep and learning in young people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) or Chronic Tic Disorders (CTD). 


Kings College London

Research examining how anxiety and low mood affect children and young people with Tourette syndrome or Chronic Tic Disorders. Click here for further information about the research.

Read a report on the research results here


University of Sussex brain scanning studies

Study involved adults with and without TS to find out how brain scanning can look at brain activity in people with tics.

Read the results of the study here


What do electrical signals in the brain look like in adults with TS?

The project involved participants who had tics in the past (childhood) and became tic free in adulthood.


Psycho-educational Survey and focus groups

An online survey exploring the satisfaction and needs of parents and patients regarding education programmes on Tourette syndrome and tic disorders.  The final goal of the discussion and survey is to develop a new, educational programme informed by people with Tourette syndrome and tailored to their needs.

Read the full research report here


TS research investigates links between stuttering and TS

This research was completed by L. De Pellerin as part of an MRes.

Read about the research results here


Research study exploring the experiences of raising a child with TS

The study hopes to expand the evidence base on the challenges a parent of a child with Tourettes syndrome may face.

Read about the research results here


Exploring diagnosis in Tourette Syndrome

Research exploring the experiences of being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and living with the condition after diagnosis. 

Read about the research results here



ImPAcT project: Improving the psychosocial experiences of adolescents with TS

The research explored the experiences of young people living with TS and ways to improve support, particularly in schools. 

Read more about the ImPAct research  results


Brain imaging study about TS

Research by Clare Eddy, University of Birmingham, showed that reasoning about people's thoughts and emotions could be important in TS and this study investigated this further using brain imaging. 

Read about the research results here


Deep Brain Stimulation in TS trial

This study looked scientifically to examine whether DBS is likely to be a useful and well-tolerated operation for people with severe TS. Read more about the DBS trial.


Sensory Processing

This study looked at whether there are big differences between the ways that people with TS receive and react to sensory information, compared with adults who have no diagnosis. 

Read about the research results here


Electrophysiology of learning and cognitive control in TS and ADHD

Researchers investigated why TS and ADHD are sometimes found together and how having symptoms of both conditions affects young people.

Read about the research results here


The Beneficial Effects of Coloured Overlays in Children with TS

Researchers looked at the effects of using coloured overlays when reading to reduce the symptoms of 'visual stress'. The published paper is now available: Ludlow, A. K., & Wilkins, A. J. (2016). Atypical Sensory behaviours in children with Tourette’s Syndrome and in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 56, 108-116.

Read the results of the survey into coloured overlays.


The University of Nottingham ran a research programme called CATS

(Volitional Control of Action in Young People with Tourette syndrome).   

Read more about the research study here


Visual processing in neurodiverse children

King's College London recruited parents of children ages 4-15 to take part in a survey to explore visual processing and neurodiversity. Identifying differences in visual processing could increase understanding of the pathway from basic vision to behaviour, and aid in identification of difficulties or differences in sensory processing.


Eating behaviours in adults with TS (adults)

Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire asked adults with TS, (18+) to answer some questions about their eating behaviours, dietary intake and sensory sensitivity. 

Read more about the research study here


The role of pet dogs in helping children and young people with Tics

Researchers at the University of Nottingham asked parents of children with tics, who have a pet dog, to complete an online survey. They were asked about their relationship with the dog, their child’s relationship with the dog and the impact this might have on their child’s tics.


Tic Suppression in the classroom

You can read a summary of this topic, written by Seonaid Anderson who examines thinking around environmental effects on TS, specifically the disparity that is often noticed between home and school.

Read the summary here