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"Tourettes Action is a charity working to make life better for people with Tourette Syndrome"

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TS & professionals

Tourette Syndrome is a commonly misunderstood condition and we know that professionals working with people who have the condition are sometimes unsure how to best offer support. We often get requests for advice from teachers, employers and healthcare professionals so have put together guidance targeted specifically at them.

Guidance for education professionals

Tourettes Action has compiled advice for teachers and other professionals working in education and supporting a child with TS. There is information on the steps to follow after a child is diagnosed and methods to reduce the impact of TS in the classroom. Read our guidance for teachers.

Advice for employers

Employers have specific responsibilities when supporting people with TS. This guidance looks at those duties as well as ways to reduce the impact of TS in the workplace. Read our guidance for employers.

Guidance of healthcare professionals

On noticing symptoms of TS, people will often make an appointment with their GPs to investigate the issue. So it is important that doctors understand the condition and know how to provide the best support and treatment. This guidance outlines steps to getting diagnosed by a specialist and ongoing support and treatment. Read our guidance for healthcare professionals.

***Calling all clinicians, post-doctoral researchers, residents, fellows and other professionals working in all areas associated with Tourette Syndrome, tics and related disorders. The 12th European Conference on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders  will be taking place in Hannover, Germany between 15-17th May 2019 **Tickets are on sale now:






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