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Presentations about TS for schools

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is an often misunderstood condition and explaining it properly is important, especially in schools, so that pupils with TS get the best support.

Tourettes Action has put together presentations that can be delivered in schools to staff and pupils to explain the condition.

Why explain TS to your students?

Educating students about TS helps them to understand what tics are and how they can affect a person in their daily life. Creating a forum to discuss TS helps diffuse myths about the condition - such as all people with TS swear - and can help prevent a child with TS from being bullied.

Why train your staff?

Training staff who will be working with a child with TS is essential to ensure that the pupil can learn to the best of their ability. However, there are significant benefits to providing information about the condition to everybody with whom the child may come into contact with, to ensure you have a holistic approach to supporting that individual.

How to give a presentation

You should agree with the child who has TS and their parents that they are happy for you to deliver the presentation. Teachers can give the presentation themselves, or the child with TS and/or their parents may wish to deliver it. Or you could all do it together. It may be, however, that the child does not want to be present when the presentation is given and that is fine.

You can use practical exercises to help children understand what it is like to have TS.  This video is a helpful example

If you would like some TA leaflets to hand out during your presentation please email us for copies.

Download our presentations about TS

Our presentations are designed to be given either to children in primary and secondary school or to adults. You can download a presentation now:

"Telling my son's class was the best thing I could have done - he is so much more supported now, by his friends and teachers"






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