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Presentations about TS for schools

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is an often misunderstood condition and explaining it properly is important, especially in schools, so that students with TS get the best support.

School presentation

This presentation is aimed at education professionals and students to provide basic awareness of TS, and how it can effect children in school.  It aims to cultivate understanding of TS, the challenges young people may face, and provides practical strategies on how to best support these students.

You should agree with the student who has TS, and their parents that they are happy for you to deliver the presentation. Teachers, the student, their care giver or health professional can deliver the presentation.  

You can use practical exercises to help children understand what it is like to have TS.  This video is a helpful example

If you would like some TA leaflets to hand out alongside the presentation please email us for copies.


Please contact our Lucy our Education Manager if you have any further questions

07394 559025

"Telling my son's class was the best thing I could have done - he is so much more supported now, by his friends and teachers"






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