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A poem about Tourette Syndrome

Posted Wed 5th Aug 2020 at 08:55
by Robert Miller


Robert Miller, a published poet from East Sussex was inspired to write a poem about TS back in 2010. We are delighted to share this poetic piece with our TS community.


T.S. – Tourette Syndrome

A neuropsychiatric disorder coined by Gilles de la Tourette,
A motor & vocal condition with no sign of cure yet.
Tourette Syndrome is no longer considered as rare,
Only a small minority of sufferers have compulsions to swear.
The condition is characterised by motor & vocal ‘tics’,
Bizarre, spontaneous behaviour & inappropriately spoken scripts.
Tourette sufferers can be found in all walks of life,
In different countries & cultures, ‘heck’ even your wife.

It’s a syndrome over which there is minimal control,
Intermittent, unpredictable, not a straightforward cajole.
People with T.S. are labelled ‘social misfits’,
This shows a lack of education on the part, of these labelling nitwits.
Granted it can be embarrassing if you’re out & about,
When someone you see shouts randomly out.
The outbursts are caused by a neurological jolt,
Labellers must understand it’s not the sufferers fault.

These symptoms can be managed in so many forms,
Pharmacological, psychological & behavioural therapies - the ‘norms’.
Some things the individuals say can be quite endearing,
Other things that they say can leave others leering.
None of these outbursts are meant to cause harm,
The words that are selected are just part of it’s charm.
It’s important to know that people with this affliction,
Don’t mean what they say, it’s just random diction.

Rob Miller

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