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I'm not apologising anymore!

Posted Mon 28th Jun 2021 at 09:37
by Charley-Anne Semple


A mum tells us how she's over apologising for her son's TS.

Tyler is 8.

He is our little superhero!

Tyler was diagnosed with Tourettes at age 6. His Tourette Syndrome is accompanied by other comorbidities such as Autism, SCD, ADHD, SPD & Pica along with other complex issues.

When his Tourettes was diagnosed he was struggling in a mainstream school at the time, so Tyler’s tics were difficult, at least for everyone else.

Now Tyler is in an amazing specialist provision and has access to highly trained on-site support.

Tyler’s tics range from head jerking, eye blinking, screeching, swearing, flicking/hitting himself and more. The tics can be quite self-injurious and, mixed with other neurological disorders, is a real battle every day for him.

Socially I’m now sick of explaining and apologising for his tics, mainly the swearing. It’s so difficult around other children, even my own. We are strict parents that still expect a level or respect and boundaries to be adhered to. It’s a big adjustment as a parent to have to alter that?

This is one diagnosis I’ve not understood much myself. There is such a lack of understanding and support. Even friends and family have been judgemental. It’s incredibly problematic accessing the community and I can see it from others perspective in a way.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! He has people laughing lots that’s for sure! Not at him, but with him. He’s amazing! I’m lucky to have very nice neighbours too that's for sure. I’ve heard them giggling to themselves at times.
Heightened emotions certainly trigger Tyler. Anger, excitement, fear, confusion, frustration. I’m now at the point where Tyler is free to be himself and not suppress himself.

If anyone has a problem with that, I’m happy to tell them to F**K off myself!

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