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Meet Jeremy!

Posted Mon 23rd Jan 2023 at 10:00
by Lily Richards


TS Champion Lily, talks about living with TS.

Hi, I’m Lily. Welcome to my blog. I’ve always personified my tics. To the extent that people sometimes believe I’m talking about someone else. My tics do feel like another brain. Another person with their own thoughts and beliefs. I know it’s not. But I think in a way it’s become how I’ve coped with it. So welcome to our blog; our story from our different views.

Hi! I’m Jeremy. In honesty I’m the funny one. I mainly exist to cause havoc. I can do whatever I please and never get in trouble. It’s always Lily’s fault, never mine. It’s great! Although, I don’t think Lily seems to like it. I’ve caused so many -for me- entertaining experiences. For example, what’s funnier than stopping someone from walking?! Am I right? Yeah, for six whole weeks I made Lily fall over whenever she stood! She had to go in a wheelchair! She (and increased medication) did eventually beat me. But I think I got the last laugh!

The wheelchair tic was incredibly hard to be honest. I had to learn a life I couldn’t ever have expected to live. It was only six weeks, but it felt so much longer. I couldn’t walk at all. At home I would have to crawl around to get anywhere (because standing wasn’t possible) and outside I would use a wheelchair. It became a game to see how many times someone could tell me the same ‘funny’ jokes. Like “Can you do a wheelie?” or “Lightning McQueen” or “Hot wheels.” I made a bingo card and crossed off whenever someone said it. Once I completed the chart, crossing off each section multiple times! I learned to pretend it didn’t annoy me. But it did. These are the joys of Jeremy.

Another time that me and Jeremy had different views was when I was in assembly. All I wanted to do was keep quiet. Be like everyone else. Yet Jeremy is very against staying with the norm. Out of nowhere he yelled to my headteacher, “You’re a sheep!” And “Nobody likes you.” Over and over again. To be fair, my headteacher just continued talking, pretending it wasn’t happening. But people in my year just kept laughing and looking at me. It was incredibly humiliating. I knew leaving would make it more obvious so I just hoped the assembly would finish soon. In reality, all I wanted was the ground to swallow me whole.

I found it awesome. I love being the centre of attention. I don’t agree with suppressing me. So I make sure it’s as unbearable as possible till I’m released. I’ve also learnt Lily finds silence worse when ticcing, so what could be better than a silent hall of her entire year? I know I’m evil! But it’s fun for me, and that’s all that matters. 

Furthermore, I’ve learnt Jeremy is incredibly good at causing panic within school. For a while, Jeremy would say quite loudly, “I’m going to kill myself tonight.” Some teachers understand it’s a tic and joke with it. But others have genuinely had me promise them I wouldn’t. Now I often have to say, “I won’t” after Jeremy has said those words just in case the teacher believes the worst!

Jeremy has also made teachers worry with my eye tic. This is where for however long Jeremy feels like it, I can’t see. Many times I’ve had to tell them it’s just a tic. But I’m not going to lie, seeing only the whites of my eyes must be quite nerve racking.

I can’t lie, it’s fun scaring people. I know Lily hates both those tics. But I like watching people panic. I’m intrigued what they might do. Will they adapt or will they be horrified? It’s a good test of character to be honest!

Lastly, one time me and Jeremy actually agreed. This was when a supply teacher asked for evidence of my Tourette’s, while I was ticcing!!! I think my subconscious was enraged. So whenever the teacher would look at me, Jeremy would say not very pleasant words. The supply teacher never told me off fortunately, but I think he was quite embarrassed. Hopefully that teacher had learnt a lesson.

For once, I was quite glad for Jeremy. My ticcy companion who, although not an actual person, I knew would stick by me through it all. And tell off people who are wrong!


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