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Spotlight on Support Groups - Online Adult Group

Spotlight on Support Groups - Online Adult Group

Posted Thu 12th Oct 2023 at 12:00
by Katie Hankey


Read more about our Adult Online Support Group from group member Katie Hankey.

Tourettes Action support groups have helped me massively to be able to understand Tourette Syndrome / tic disorders. It makes me aware that I’m not alone and that there are a lot of people that are affected.

I first joined the support group during the summer. I found it on the website whilst looking for some support and I came across the support groups. So, I signed up and received a confirmation email and then a week later it was time for it. I was so worried, I was petrified, but I knew I wasn’t the only one that had tics so I just had to keep remembering that! So, I joined to get some support and to make friends with Tourette syndrome like me!

The numbers attending fluctuate every week, but the most i've had on at the same time is 5, so it's a nice, small group. If you're nervous, I would suggest you try 10 minutes to start with then extend it each time. Just try to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit each week.

We are all there for the same reason.

So what do we talk about? We talk about all sorts, sometimes just general every day life, but we do talk about TS. We discuss how long people have had their TS, how it affects them, what they do to help their symptoms etc. We also chat about what we enjoy as hobbies.

This group has helped me realise i'm not the only one that struggles day to day with Tourette syndrome/ tic disorders. It's helped me become more comfortable with accepting that I have Tourette’s and I am okay with that. I am gaining more of an understanding which is allowing me to help other people without the condition, understand it too. Awareness is key!!!!!!!

The adult support groups are every Wednesday 7pm-8pm and you are always welcome to join if you suffer and you’re an adult with Tourette syndrome or a tic disorder.

They are informal so don’t feel pressured, just be yourself.

Is having Tourette’s painful?

Yes, a lot more than people realise. They see the funny side, but it’s not just the funny words. It’s the sore throats, the sore neck from a head jerk. The pain from Tourette’s is excruciating! And the worst thing is……… we can’t stop it!!!!

Tourette syndrome affects 1 to 10 in 1000 people, its more common than you think. Please support us.

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Wednesday 29 May 19:00

Adults with TS Support group, Online 7pm - 8pm

Thursday 30 May 10:00

Parent/Caregiver Online Coffee Morning, Online 10am - 11am

Friday 31 May 10:00

Q&A Drop-in session, Online 10am - 11am

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