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Adult Weekend 2023

Posted Tue 24th Oct 2023 at 12:15
by Becky Raybould


Becky Raybould shares her first experience at a TA adult weekend event.

On 4th - 6th August 2023, Tourettes Action held an adults weekend for people 18+ who had a diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome.

On arrival to the venue I walked into a big open space where Emma and the rest of the team were waiting for us to arrive to give us room keys and introduce the weekend. The space was great, complete with pool tables, table tennis and tea and coffee making facilities. I had already got chatting with a few other individuals who had turned up for the event. Everyone was friendly and supportive and happy to be at the event and excited to get started.

We were given a fire and emergency briefing - which was very chaotic but hilariously so. We were then left to spend the afternoon unpacking and having a chill before dinner at 19:30 together.

The rooms were clean, well kept with an en-suite and bunk bed layout. I was in charge of running the cookie decorating workshops over the course of the weekend and so made sure I had enough time to set these up for everyone wanting to get involved - it was very popular!

Dinner was great, my husband and I got to know a lot of people sitting at our table. We discussed diagnoses, our worst tics and were able to relate with one another in a way no one else can. Food consisted of chicken curry, pasta, jacket potatoes and salad, something for everyone to enjoy.

On Friday evening we roasted marshmallows on the log fire together and continued getting to know one another. It already felt like one big family and we’d only been here a few hours. It was a cold but dry night, everyone wrapped up warm to enjoy the last few hours of the first evening together.

Saturday morning came around - there was a variety of activities to get involved in from kayaking and canoeing to cookie decorating and jewellery making. We opted for kayaking on the morning after a hearty breakfast. There was a lot of wind and rain but we enjoyed every minute of getting soaked together and having a lot of fun with the team!

Saturday evening after a chicken fajita dinner, we had extreme teams in the hall. The venue had put on some competitive games and athletic style activities for us to complete together.

Sunday morning after breakfast there was a paper flower making and further cookie decorating workshop for everyone to get involved in.

After the weekend was nearly over, we all exchanged contact details with everyone who wanted to stay in touch together. A WhatsApp group has been created following the event and we have all kept in touch with how we’re coping day to day, what’s happening in our lives - it’s primarily been set up to support one another.

The adult’s weekend was an opportunity for everyone to get together and share their own experience of having Tourette Syndrome. There were a lot of returning people to the event, which only proves how invaluable everyone finds these weekenders. I had never met anyone else with Tourette Syndrome before the weekender. It does not define me but it is a part of me. Since attending the event, it’s now a part of me I’m much more at peace with.

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