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A letter to 18-year-old me

Posted Thu 4th Apr 2024 at 14:51
by Macy-Jo O'Hare


What I wish I knew when I was diagnosed with Tourette’s

"Your life may have changed relatively overnight and you may face more lows than highs, but the highs make your life so much more fulfilling and interesting.

You’re not going mad; you have a legitimate condition.

People will stare but that reflects on them not you. Some people don’t understand Tourette’s or are a little ignorant and may, as a result, doubt the validity of your condition, but you will be surrounded by people who understand you and your condition and will defend you when you can’t.

You’ll have the most amazing support system, including family and friends as well as finding some of your support system through Tourettes Action.

You may feel alone, but speaking to people with your condition through Tourettes Action will help massively.

You’ll face challenges, but they will make you more resilient than you’ve ever been.

You will get your Bachelor of Science with honours despite these challenges.

Never be embarrassed to ask for help or to tic".

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