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12 hour drumathon to raise awareness about TS and fundraise for Tourettes Action!

Posted Wed 20th Sep 2017 at 10:00 by Gregory Storey


My name is Gregory Storey and I was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome at the age of 6. I have struggled with the condition for many years but everything changed when I began to drum.


I found that the instrument gave me total relief from the symptoms of the condition. So i began to drum more, A LOT more.  I also found that if i imagined myself drumming, or tapped my hands on my knees or a table while imagining playing a drum beat, my symptoms also decreased. Since then I have developed my mental stamina to allow me to imagine i'm drumming in the back of my mind almost 24/7, giving me close to total relief from the tics i would usually have suffered.

I have always sought to help others with the condition, either by teaching my methods of coping, or appearing on several BBC documentaries and explaining what its like to live with the condition, and in turn raising awareness. However, after seeing the fantastic support Tourettes Action and its partnered groups offer, I want to give something to allow this to continue. So, combining my love of drums, my popular live streaming channel on twitch, and Just Givings easy donation pages,I am seeking to raise funds to help this support continue. 

On Sunday 24th September I will be doing a 12 hour drum stream from 10am - 10pm. People will be able to tune in live through Twitch - this is the worlds largest live streaming platform, made famous by the thousands of gamers who live stream their escapades each day. However there is much more to it, people from around the world use it as their new TV and watch people do everything from cooking lesson, Sports Championships, and of course drumming. It is a fantastic way to connect with people and have a more fun and interactive entertainment experience.

For people to tune in all they have to do is click on this link on sunday

If you want to show support for me and the cause you can follow me and/or create an account on the sight by clicking the Subscribe button, as below




By making this account you can also use the chat box on twitch to talk to me while I play and request songs. Anyone who donates or Subscribes gets to have a song request and I will play ANY song you want! 

If you want to show even more support and have Amazon Prime, you can connect your Amazon prime account to twitch and click the subscribe button for free and support my channel. 

As well as this you can go to my Just Giving page and donate to the cause! just_giving_page_132


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12 hour drumathon to raise awareness about TS and fundraise for Tourettes Action!

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