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Sophie Sharp's poem as a parent of a child with Tourette Syndrome.

Posted Thu 26th Oct 2017 at 15:11
by Sophie Sharp


Sophie and her son, Denver, attended TicFest North and Sophie had this to say: ‘Thank you all so much for including us in Tic Fest. It was wonderful to see my son accepted by his peers and having the freedom to be himself without judgement.’

Tic Camera Action

You look upon him with disgust
It’s just as well he’s so robust
All the things you shouldn’t say
He yells throughout his every day

Swearing, screaming, without meaning
The opposite of what he’s feeling
Look beyond the words you hear
See the boy that we hold dear

Anxious of the words you’ll hear
Knowing that the urge is near
Neurons going out of gear
Breath, release, it’s out, it’s here.......

But then you laugh or take offence
For this our boy has no defence
Anxiety builds up yet again and every day it is the same

Please stop, don’t judge
Don’t hold a grudge
No matter what
These tics won’t budge

They may change
Or wax and wane
But like the weather
They will rain

None of what he says is true
None is personal to you
He cannot hide, he can’t fit in
But look beyond to what’s within

A bright, happy, wonderful boy, who feels our lives with so much joy........

Look through the window
Take in the view
Behind the glass
He’s no different to you

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