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Sophie and Bob

Sophie and Bob

Posted Mon 4th Dec 2017 at 12:00
by Sophie Mullen


Hi there, my name is Sophie. I was diagnosed with Tourette's aged 8 and I am 10 years old now, I am from Glasgow. My mum (Dawn) calls me squishy, this is because I always have at least two squishes with me at school to help me try and make my big tics into smaller ones. I find them relaxing to look at and I love the feeling I get when I can squeeze them with all my might.

School has always been very difficult for me because for a long time I couldn't cope in class and would go home every day upset and ticcing like crazy. I found trying to hide my tics all day in school was exhausting and very lonely as I had no friends. Teachers would often get angry with me for fidgeting and asking so many questions, they couldn't understand why I wasn't paying attention all of the time. The other children would make fun of me because I made funny noises and had fidget toys. All I wanted was to be like them! Not to be treated differently or feel like everyone was watching me and always asking ‘why do you do that?’

After so many bad things happened in school my mum and dad stopped me from going for a few weeks while they had lots and lots of meetings with different people. My mum explained to me it was so they could help everyone understand me better and help me more with school and even try to make friends. Funny thing is, I love school really, my favourite subject is maths. I'm not very good at writing and spelling yet but I was told this year that I am dyslexic which is why my mum is helping me with my blog lol.

My mum says I'm a very brave girl because even though things have been very difficult for me at school and even at home sometimes, it never stops me from trying my best.

I started Taekwondo with my big sister when I was 5 and I was very good at it. I got my junior black belt when I was 9. I started karate when I was 9 and this year aged 10 I got my junior first degree black belt in shotokia karate. Although I enjoyed these martial arts I was still nervous about tics when I was doing things in front of a class or sparring which I never enjoyed but the kids in my classes where always friendly and so nice to me because they thought I was very talented.

I really wanted to find a martial art where I didn't have to worry about being hit in the face lol so I tried Brazilian jujitsu last year and I LOVE IT! I had my first belt grading in September and I was promoted up 7 belts from white belt to green with white stripe. I love BJJ so much because everyone is kind and they teach us how to be responsible with our skills and how to stay safe but best of all I can tic away and no one cares or even notices - I finally found my martial art/ sport!

My mum and dad noticed when I'm doing sports/training my tics and anxiety become so low that they help keep me training as much as possible and I am so happy when I'm there with people who are friendly and caring and best of all my friends. I can go to bed at night after training too and I'm really tired which never happens unless I train, I have always had trouble settling and sleeping at night but now thanks to Tourettes Action I was given a grant that bought me a century bob that I can use at home whenever my tics are bad or my anxiety is high or just not able to sleep. l attack bob until I feel better - I love my bob!

I'm doing better in school now with lots of help and having bob at home is amazing, I want to be a mechanical engineer when I grow up and a famous wrestler.

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