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Bethany reveals how she overcame her Tourettes hurdles to finish the Yeovil half marathon.

Posted Wed 4th Apr 2018 at 12:24
by Bethany Rook


My name is Bethany Rook. I am 21 years old and my cousin Lucy is 22. She ran with me in the Yeovil Half Marathon on 25th March 2018. We finished in 2hrs, 32mins and so far have raised £187 for TA.

Last year I saw a lot of people running the Half Marathon and told my partner I'd love to do it next year but I didn't think I'd be able to with my Tourettes. That evening we talked about me putting limitations on things I can achieve just because of Tourettes and how silly I was to think it was a disadvantage rather than a unique flare. So this year I set goals!! I got my driving licence (automatic), I finished my apprenticeship and I ran a Half Marathon.

It’s upsetting to think I used to think my Tourettes would limit me in the things I can do in life but I am proud to say it hasn't, all be it with a few Tourettes hurdles along the way.

I am very fortunate to have amazing family and friends around me, they are the best and have always got my back. A quote my mother used to say to me as I left for school each morning was "I'd rather be different than the same" followed by a supportive hug. I never quite understood what she meant until I was older, then I realised variety and difference in people is an amazing thing and I am So Proud of being different.

You can do anything you want in life, you may not do it the same as other people but you can do it with your own unique flare. So be proud to be you!!

Bethany Rook

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Bethany reveals how she overcame her Tourettes hurdles to finish the Yeovil half marathon.

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