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An investigation into parents’ experiences of adolescent sudden onset of tics

An investigation into parents’ experiences of adolescent sudden onset of tics

Posted on 17 December 2021 by Pippa McClounan


An important new research study

Are you a parent or carer of an adolescent who has experienced sudden onset of tics and tic-like attacks?


Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire are conducting a new research study and would value hearing about you and your child’s experiences.

The study aims to gain information relating to parents’ experiences of adolescent sudden onset of tics and tic-like attacks, in hopes to gain a better understanding of the experiences and access to support to date.


If you are interested in taking part, the child or young person you care for must:

- be aged between 12-16 years
- identify as having ‘sudden onset of tics’ or ‘tic-like behaviour’


If you decide to take part, what does this involve?

If you decide you would like to take part in this study, your participation will involve taking part in a semi-structured online interview which can be organised at a time convenient to you.

Prior to the interview, you will be asked to complete a short demographic questionnaire, detailing information about you and your child. This questionnaire will include details such as the child’s age and their diagnoses, your own age, sex, and ethnicity and some questions about your child’s tic-like behaviour.

Additionally, you will be required to complete a consent form. Documenting your understanding of your participation, and the purpose of the study.


Research Team

Dr Amanda K Ludlow Reader in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Sport & Geography, University of Hertfordshire
Dr Seonaid Anderson Chartered research psychologist and freelance neurodiversity consultant.
Dr Tammy Hedderly Consultant children's neurologist and lead for the TANDeM service Tic and Neurodevelopmental Movements Service (TANDeM), Guy’s King’s and Saint Thomas’ School of Medicine, London, UK
Dr Sally Robinson Clinical Psychologist North East London Foundation Trust, Chelmsford, UK

To take part in the study, please email Dr Amanda Ludlow on


This study is approved by the University of Hertfordshire Health, Science, Engineering & Technology ECDA. Ethical Protocol Number: LMS/SF/UH/04611

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