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Support in everyday life for people living with TS

In this section you will find general information relating to disability law, benefits, employment, public services, housing and transport.

This section looks at how TS is recognised under Disability Law in the UK, what state benefits may be available to people with TS, the responsibility of employers and service providers towards people with TS and general advice concerning other areas in life such as housing and transport.

Is TS a disability?

TS is considered a disability under UK law, which prohibits people with the condition being discriminated against because of it. We have outlined information about TS & disability, including the definition of disability under the 2010 Equality Act.

Download our factsheet about TS & Disability


If you are unable to work because of your TS, or need help with meeting the extra costs you face from having a long term health condition, you may be entitled to financial support. We have put together a list of benefits which people with TS may be entitled to, and useful organisations to contact for further advice and support.

Download the TS & Benefits factsheet

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a disability benefit for working age claimants (age16-64).  For children under the age of 16, caregivers can apply for Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  TA has put together some general information about claiming and a list of organisations that can provide detailed information and advice on benefits.

Download our Guide to claiming PIP

Support with applying for PIP and ESA

Tourette Syndrome is a fluctuating condition which can make applying for benefits somewhat challenging.  It can be very difficult to capture how your condition affects you on a daily basis when it is in constant flux. A free App called C-App has been developed to help you apply for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

The App helps you to:

  • Understand what the benefits are and how to apply
  • Understand the forms and the assessment processes
  • Know how to answer the questions in your assessment
  • Know more about your rights

Plus you can practice, at your own pace, the sort of questions you'll be asked.  This will help you:

  • Be more confident about the forms and ready for your assessment
  • Get clear about what you need to mention in your assessment
  • Get an idea of whether you'll qualify for benefit, and at what level, when you do the assessment for real

Click on the icons below to be directed to C-App for the benefit you would like help with:

esalogocircle_132        piplogocircle_132

Another useful resource is What is the PIP test  from charity Turn2Us, who provide practical help to people who are struggling financially. 

Please note that Tourettes Action does not specialise in benefits and is unable to assist with individuals’ cases or help fill in claim forms. We suggest that you contact the organisations listed in our factsheets for personal advice and support.


Download our Factsheet Employment and TS which looks at:

  • Steps to employment: Choosing careers, job finding, interviews
  • Disclosing your condition to your employer: When is it appropriate to tell your employer you have TS, telling your colleagues
  • Managing stress at work: self-help tools to help manage stress
  • Responsibility of the employer: Employer’s duty to disabled workers, reasonable adjustments
  • Discrimination in the workplace: What to do if you feel you have been discriminated against at work, bullying
  • Other types of employment options for people with TS: Social firms, self-employment
  • Useful organisations and resources


Information for employers

Employers have a responsibility under law to support employees with disabilities. TA has put together information for employers about TS which you can pass to them.

Read our Information for employers

Public services

Access to goods, services and facilities should be equal to everybody, regardless of whether they have a disability. We have put together information about the duty of Service Providers to make reasonable adjustments to remove barriers for disabled people and your rights.

Download the TS and Services factsheet


Unfortunately, some people with TS have difficulties with their housing situation. We have put together details of some potential housing issues that people with TS could face, and how you might look to resolve them.

The guide also contains organisations to contact with housing queries. Please note that Tourettes Action does not specialise in housing policy and is unable to assist with individuals’ housing cases. We suggest you contact the organisations listed in this document for advice.

Download the Housing & TS factsheet


Flying, using public transport and even driving yourself around aren’t always straightforward for people with TS. We’ve put together a factsheet about TS & transport explaining your rights and ways to improve your travel experiences.

Download the TA Transport factsheet


Listen to this great podcast which interviews Alice Franklin, a strategy intern at advertsiing agency BBH.  Alice talks about her TS and Autism and the journey she has made from feeling 'unemployable' to being the neurodiverse talent that she is - A great listen!


Tourettes Action recorded a webinar with Occupational Psychologist Nancy Doyle who specialises in supporting people with neurodiverse conditions to survive and thrive in the workplace. The webinar covers: Tourettes and neurodiversity, reasonable adjustments, and how to feel supported in the workplace. An informative resource for employees and employers - watch it here. Nancy Doyle featured in award winning BBC series Employable Me.