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Clinical consultation sessions

These sessions are attended by therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to discuss the strategies and techniques of behavioural therapy and how best to deliver the treatment.

Clinical consultations provide lots of lively discussion, clinical questions and interesting cases to further support and inform professionals on the application and outcomes of behavioural therapy for managing tics.  The consultations are free and held in London.

Please note these meetings are only for clinicians who use behavioural therapy with their clients.


We will release 2020 event dates on this page as soon as they have been confirmed. 


‘These meetings are invaluable as they provide support and good practice for treating children who tic. This supervision is unavailable otherwise for practitioners.’


If you have any questions about the clinical consultations please contact Research Manager Seonaid Anderson: 


***We have created a list of psychological therapists in the UK who offer supervision to other therapists providing Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the treatment of tics & Tourette Syndrome.  Some of these practitioners work independently and others practice within a multidisciplinary service.  Please note this list is for information purposes only & does not constitute a recommendation. If you are a clinician or therapist and would like a copy of the list – please contact Research Manager, Seonaid Anderson:***

"I find the case studies/discussions very helpful as they provide insight and learning from experienced practitioners."