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One of the chief aims of Tourettes Action is to support research and to seek better treatment and management of Tourette Syndrome (via research into new therapies and potential cures), with a view to improving the lives of those living with TS.

Tourettes Action is the only UK based charity working with families and individuals living with TS, and is therefore well placed to promote and evaluate research.  We are committed to ensuring that our research strategy will help us make a real difference to all people affected by TS.

This page is a central hub for the TS community, research participants, clinicians and researchers; providing information in the following areas:


More about Tourettes Action's role in research

- read our full research strategy 2016-2019

Research Projects

- current projects

- previous projects

- meet the researchers

Take part in research

- learn more about how being involved in research makes a difference

- join our Research Participant Register

- advice for research participants

Research awards

- Learn about Tourettes Action research awards, how to apply and funding levels

- Projects that we have awarded grants to

Support with your research

- How Tourettes Action can support your research

- Advice on recruiting and engaging participants

Ask the experts

-Questions asked by the Tourettes community to leading health clinicians


Dr Seonaid Anderson is Tourettes Action's Research Manager.  Please get in touch with any questions by emailing  also follow Seonaid on Twitter @Seonaidanderso2