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Spotlight on research - Barbara Morera

Posted on 15 November 2017 by Helen Robbins



Barbara Morera



PhD student


Where are you doing your research?

The University of Nottingham


What is the topic of your research?

1. I am examining the effects of a novel type of treatment, based upon entirely safe non-invasive brain stimulation, on tics and urges.

2. I am examining the difference between tics and voluntary movements at brain level


How will this help people with TS?

1. This research could lead to the development of an effective, safe and cheap, non-drug therapy.

2. Knowing how similar or different tics are from voluntary movements might help in the development of a treatment for tics.


What stage of the research are you at?

1. I am interested in hearing from people with TS aged 14-32 with very frequent tics (every minute of the day) who would like to take part in a study investigating the effects of a new non-invasive treatment.

2. I am interested in hearing from people with TS aged 14-32 who would like to take part in a study using EEG.


Please contact me: for details.


What will happen next in the study?

1. Participants will be recorded while treatment is being delivered.

2. We will record the participant’s brain activity while doing a voluntary movement task.


Why do you want to be a researcher?

I love studying the brain and research gives me the opportunity to do it hands-on by using different novel techniques. Also, the fact that I might be part of something that could have a beneficial impact on science and society is really exciting.




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Spotlight on research - Barbara Morera








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