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Take part in research

By getting involved in research people can help us understand more about Tourette Syndrome (TS) to help develop and improve treatments and other interventions that support people in their daily lives.

Become a Research Participant!

Research needs YOU!

Without research participants there would be NO research.

Without research there would be NO progress in treatments and understanding of TS.

Tourettes Action has launched a Research Participant Registry which is a voluntary database of individuals willing to consider participating in research studies. This would allow TA to contact you about studies that might be of interest to you.

We might also contact you to ask for your opinions on research proposals. This is called being a 'Lay reviewer'. Lay reviewers are people without formal training as a scientist or researcher. All they need is to have some experience of TS and have a strong interest in advancing the treatment and/or management of TS and wish to assist in the review of research applications made to Tourettes Action for research money.

Please sign up by emailing:

Get involved in research now

There are many ways to get involved in research. Some studies involve completing questionnaires, some interview individuals and others ask people to be involved in other ways, it depends on the research. Your participation will help with our understanding of the brain and help treatments in the future.

There are always a number of different research projects into TS running. Find out what current research projects are running and how you can get involved.

Read research participant's Clair Beckett and Jacob Ogden's blog posts on what it's like to take part in research.

If you are interested in taking part in a research study, you can read about your rights as a research subject. There are things you should know about being a research participant before you take part, such as the design of the research, the privacy of your details and the information you give, how you are free to withdraw from a study and the advantages of being involved in research.

Download our advice sheets about being a research participant

If you would like to find out more about the people who focus on research into TS you can follow our Spotlight research series which talks to different researchers about their studies.

If you have any other questions about participating in a trial please contact TA Research Manager, Seonaid Anderson.

Information for researchers/professionals

  • If you have a professional interest in TS and would like to receive more information or request posters and leaflets, please contact our Helpdesk.
  • We offer non-financial support to researchers/research students wishing to recruit people for their research studies. Please download and complete the proforma to supply us with the information we need to evaluate your project.  There are many ways we can help to publicise your research project (newsletter, facebook, twitter, forums, email etc). Please send the completed proforma, along with any questions to TA Research Manager, Seonaid Anderson
  • Please note that you will need to have ethical approval for your study in order for us to support you. Please download and read TA’s conditions for non-financial support before you contact us to make sure that your project meets the criteria.