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Tourettes Awareness Day 2019!

Posted on 7 June 2019


Today is international Tourettes Awareness Day - a day dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating the TS community.  We've been busy on Twitter, hosting our first ever 'Twitter Hour' in which we invited people to share their experiences.  A big thank you to everyone who joined us, and to our research manager, Dr Seonaid Anderson for responding to everyone.

There's been lots of media interest in Tourettes Awareness Day, two insightful articles from students can be read in the Guardian newspaper and on BBC Bitesize.

We're running our Move For Tourettes campaign throughout the month of June.  You get to set your physical challenge, this could be anything from a daily walk, committing to some gardening time or running a marathon!  No matter how big or small, the requirement is to just 'move for tourettes'. A small registration fee not only guarentees you a very cool medal and investment in your health and wellbeing, but also funds for Tourettes Action to continue delivering their vital services.  You can find out more and sign up for your challenge here.


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Tourettes Awareness Day 2019!