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New Anxiety Resource

Posted on 30 October 2019 by Helen Eadie


We're excited to release the second video in our 'Tic Talk' series with Katie Skinner.

As a specialist teacher supporting young people with tics, tourettes, autism and ADHD; and having a younger brother with TS, Katie has lots of helpful advice and strategies for children, teachers and parents.  Other topics that will be covered in this series include: sleep, school transition and how to talk about your tics.

Watch the video on our You Tube channel


*Tourettes Action consults with leading professionals in the health and education sector, and draws upon the latest research, to bring you information and resources for managing your TS.  We realise that some treatments and therapeutic approaches aren't for everyone, and with each being approximately 50% effective, it's important that every individual makes choices for themselves or their child, based on their personal experience.  By presenting a broad range of approaches and treatments to manage TS we hope that you will find something that works for you.*


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