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Talking the #TACA with artist Terrina Bibb and photographer Paul Stevenson

Talking the #TACA with artist Terrina Bibb and photographer Paul Stevenson

Posted on 26 July 2022 by Pippa McClounan


Interview with two of our creative professional judges.

The Tourettes Action Creativity Awards, or #TACA, are now open to receive creative pieces from under 18's living with TS around the country, who want to showcase their creativity and be in with a chance to be awarded a place in the online gallery and an Amazon voucher.

Every single piece of work that’s submitted will be looked at by four creative professionals, two of whom have joined us for an interview to talk about being mentors for the #TACA, what they hope to see, and sharing what inspires them.

Terrina Bibb is a professional artist using pencil and pen to create patterns that are influenced by her tics. Paul Stevenson is an award-winning professional photographer, and campaigns to raise awareness of Tourettes, increase acceptance and reduce discrimination.


Thanks to you both for giving up your time to speak to us, could we start by asking why you’re part of #TACA this year?

PS - It’s an amazing idea, a chance for young people with TS to explore their creativity.

TB - I know for me, being creative, able to show my artwork and also tell my story within my art has been a big part in helping me come to terms with my TS, so I am hoping that will help others.


You’re likely to see some fantastic visual and performance art after the September 1st closing date, but before that are you able to select a current piece of art that you’d consider a favourite?

TB - My favourite piece of art would be ‘Scream’ by Edvard Munch which was painted as a representation of his anxiety. I can relate to this through years of struggling with anxiety in the years building up to my TS diagnosis. I do look at it and laugh though as the face the figure is pulling in the picture is literally like mine after a bad tic day!

PS - A good friend of mine Gunner Grindvoll from our Tourette family in Finland is an amazing artist his photography is fabulous, but his paintings are truly fascinating.


What are you hoping to see from the young people who submit their visual or performance art to the #TACA?

PS - The variation of their creative skills, a small insight into how they see and interpret life into art.

TB - I’m hoping to see fun, and I want them to feel at ease knowing that we as mentors have been through the journey they are embarking on.


Has being creative helped you in the management of your TS?

PS - I get respite from creating art also from being creative with photography and editing almost tic free.

TB - As soon as I pick up a pen 99% of the time my tics calm. especially vocal tics. you will not hear a peep out of me! Even though I still have hand tics when I am drawing. my body just feels more relaxed, not as tense and it is probably the fact I am concentrating so much on what I love doing.


What piece of advice would you give to a young person who would like to pursue a career in the creative industries?

PS - There’s lots of competition out there. What sets you apart is your unique set of skills and personality, so use that creativeness to your advantage.


Getting involved in the #TACA gives young people the chance to do something creative they haven’t done before. Is there anything new you’ve learnt in your creative art, such as a new skill, that you didn’t know before?

TB - I have recently had really bad hand seizures so I had to learn to draw again by holding a pen a different way so I could still draw. Also I had to incorporate different styles like zigzags and bigger scribbles other than my normal scribble style I use.

PS -  Since losing the ability to hold a paint brush and pencil, I haven’t let this hold me back, I have just transferred my creative skills to create fine art through photography.


Who, or what, inspires you each day, allowing you to produce your brilliant artwork?

TB - I get to do what I love. I worked hard to fight my TS and to figure out a way to draw with hand tics. The support of family, friends and the people who buy my artwork, admire my artwork and want to hear my story inspire me.

PS - Mother Nature, best artist ever.


Thank you so much to Paul and Terrina, and if you’d like to take part in the #TACA, or know someone who does, then please visit TACA for more details and to enter a piece of visual or performance art.

Good luck!

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